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‪‎John Abraham‬ injured while ‪‎shooting‬ action scene for Force 2

<p><span style="line-height: 1.42857;">Bollywood actor John Abraham underwent a surgery following a knee injury he sustained while shooting an action scene for his upcoming flick Force 2.</span><br></p><p>According to a foreign ‪‎news‬ agency, the producer of the film Vipul Shah said that John Abraham was shooting a scene in which he had to break a door. He ‪‎damaged his knee in the process after successfully filming the scene.</p><p>Shah added that the actor was advised bed ‪‎rest‬ but he insisted on shooting the film. He made his injury by resuming the film shooting and had undergo surgery in which blood clots were removed.</p><p>The filming was brought to halt after the operation whereas the action scenes aren’t being shot as well. The producer added that the dialogue sequence will be filmed whereas crew may shoot the remaining action scenes.</p><p>Force 2, a sequel to Force, stars John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha in leading roles. The flick is directed by Abhinay Deo and will be released in 2016.</p>

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